ICS Buddy Portable Interlock System

The Interlock® Monitor and Control Tablet you can take anywhere
The ICS Buddy is Lasermet’s portable Interlock Monitor and Controller that can be used to remotely view and control the status of laser interlock controllers and laser shutters in a lab. 
  • Provides portable control
  • Remotely view and control laser shutters 
  • See the status of the whole lab remotely in Lab View
  • Ideal for multiple interlocks, shutters and LED warning signs

ICS Buddy mirrors the ICS Interlock Controller and serves as a portable secondary interlock controller. The system consists of a portable tablet and an expansion card installed in the ICS Interlock Controller that allows the main controller and the ICS Buddy to communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Remotely View and Control the Interlock Controller

The ICS Buddy has the advantage of being portable, allowing users to work elsewhere while still maintaining control over the experiment taking place in the lab.

  • The status of the interlock switches/doors, as well as the lasers and shutters that are linked, can be monitored.
  • The shutters can be opened and closed remotely, and the laser can be armed and disarmed, all from the ICS Buddy.
  • Laser users performing complex operations or measurements in the lab will appreciate the ability to open or close a shutter in another part of the lab or site without stopping and walking over to make a change.

ICS Buddy using the Lab View

Lab View

The ICS Buddy can monitor the entire lab status for each interlock switch, laser shutter, and LED warning sign using Lab View.

Each ICS Buddy system’s layout is custom designed and programmed to reflect your specific lab layout and configuration.

All lab interlocks’ laser shutters, LED warning signs, and safety status can be displayed in Lab View.

ICS Buddy with Safety Logic Plus

Safety Logic Plus View

Safety Logic Plus is Lasermet’s electrical logic gate system that configures complex labs with a series of logical AND and OR gates to safely arm a laser.

Safety Logic Plus is a sophisticated but failsafe and virtually obsolescent interlock management system that employs cutting-edge technology to simplify the logic control required in multi-input buildings where these may change frequently over time.

The beauty of this system is that it does not use PLCs or software and thus does not require an operating system. As a result, it virtually eliminates all of the problems associated with obsolescence over its 30-plus-year lifespan.

Safety Logic Plus is ideal for complex systems with multiple switches and interlocks because it provides easily traceable logic connections.

The ICS Buddy can display the status of all logic gates in the system in real time. You can monitor the interlock inputs at a glance, which is a huge benefit for laser safety.

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