AA-04 Audio Alert

Compact Audio Alert System
The Audio Alert system is a local public address – PA system – for automatic announcements, warnings, information, or instructions suitable for indoor use.
  • Integrate into Interlock® control systems
  • Fully custom messages, repetition, and volume
  • Line-out to external audio equipment
  • Safe at 24VDC low voltage
  • Professional, compact, wall-mounted design

A pre-programmed message is audibly delivered by the Audio Alert system, a local public address system, when it is activated. The compact unit’s speaker, which is integrated, transmits the message when it detects movement using a passive infrared detector or when the unit is turned on.

This spoken message has a maximum duration of 40 seconds and can be programmed to repeat automatically for up to an hour, either frequently or infrequently, depending on the situation.

Indoor environments are ideal for using the AA-04 Audio Alert system. The low voltage 24VDC sounder unit features an integrated speaker and can be utilized indoors for almost any pertinent application, or as a component of an Interlock® control system.

Audio Alert
Audio Alert with Passive Infrared Detector

To deliver messages, standard units, AA-04, are triggered at startup. Passive infrared detection activates the AA-04-PIR; it will only transmit messages in response to movement detected nearby.

The audible warning device is contained in an attractive compact wall-mounted unit and can act as a local public address PA system.

The ability to incorporate the loudspeaker feature into interior environments such as waiting rooms for doctors or dentists, offices, engineering establishments, or hospitals is made possible by the provision of an audible message. Any visual warning signs can be supplemented with the audio warnings or messages.

The Audio Alert System makes life easier. It can deliver audible warning messages to complement visual warnings.


The Audio Alert operates on a secure and reliable 24VDC power supply and can easily be incorporated into an Interlock® Controller or Interlock® Control System. This integration offers an additional layer of safety by delivering an audible warning alongside any visual warning signs in use.

The complete integration of Lasermet Audio Alerts with other Lasermet interlock devices is now possible. We can provide a fully safe turnkey solution to suit any need.


The Audio Alert has almost infinite indoor applications because it is pre-programmed at Lasermet with almost any message and can have its volume adjusted before delivery or during on-site installation. This performs almost all of the functions that a virtually perfect automatic audible alert system ought to have.

Prior to shipment, Lasermet’s internal staff can modify the loudness and repeat of the audio announcement either internally during the installation process. The volume adjustment feature is retained inside the device to guard against tampering.

If the device is used in a temporary situation it can be returned to Lasermet to be reprogrammed with an alternative message.

Part NumberDescription
AA-04Standard Unit
AA-04-PIRStandard Unit with Passive Infrared Detector

The AA-04 Audio Alert is only intended for indoor use.

For outdoor applications, check out our IP65 rated AA-05 Audio Alert units.

Power Supply


Power Consumption

20mA (0.48W) Standby
300mA (7.2W) Active


160w x 108h x 39d mm



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