Laser Safety Installations

Lasermet offers a full installation service for all of our laser safety products. This includes everything from installing a laser blocking curtain to installing complex multi-function Interlock® systems and assembling room-sized Class 1 laser enclosures.

Lasermet provide turnkey solutions to all your laser safety needs

Our installers are all qualified electricians with extensive experience in laser safety installations and a wide range of practical skills required for a high-quality installation. We manufacture our products and provide these services in-house, including installation. We never use contractors and always use our own installation team and technicians. This means that our installers have extensive experience with our equipment and are dedicated to delivering a high-quality result.

Since 1987, Lasermet has installed thousands of laser safety products such as laser blocking curtains, screens, and roller blinds in a variety of institutions, hospitals, universities, research facilities, and manufacturing facilities around the world.