Orcatina Laser Safety Curtains

Laser-rated Room Dividing System
Orcatina Laser Safety Curtains are Lasermet’s answer to providing laser protection for personnel by using a compact and neat curtain system that uses a pantograph structure in the folding mechanism.
The Orcatina laser blocking curtain is shown here on the right in black while conventional material (in this case blue) is on the left.

The Orcatina Laser Safety Curtains, also known as concertina style or accordion style curtains, have a folding style with a continuous and consistent pattern of folds that can be used not only to protect against laser radiation, but also to act as a room separator and to insulate sound from outside.

The Orcatina is made of two separate materials, one of which is Lasermet’s certified Orca Laser Blocking material and the other of which is fabric that can be used to look good and help with sound insulation.

Lasermet’s Orcatina laser blocking curtains are designed as passive guards to enclose an area where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are used, either to protect against accidental laser beam exposure or to provide long-term laser radiation blocking at lower power densities.


When drawn back, the folded Orcatina curtains use up very little space. The curtains are supported solely by the upper rail structure mounted to the ceiling, so there are no floor rails.

Safety Specification

The curtains are made from Lasermet’s Orca Laser Blocking material with the consistent PEL ratings for different power densities and timescales. They are, of course, certified to BS EN IEC 60825-4.

Irradiated AreaPEL (T3) 10SPEL (T2) 100S
4mm²3.9 MW/m²2.2 MW/m²
2000mm²0.62 MW/m²0.35 MW/m²
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