The MULEX Multi-room Expansion Card is intended to simplify the implementation and operation of interlock systems when combining multiple laser-controlled areas. MULEX advances in:

  • Space Utilization
  • Room Security
  • Easy System Access
  • Can accommodate up to five LCA

Many large laboratory layouts use laser guards or curtains to divide the area into multiple smaller rooms. The MULEX system can accommodate connection of up to five laser-controlled areas or interlock controllers and can be stacked along with other expansion cards for Lasermet’s Interlock Controller.


Labs Separate Mode

The system is said to be in ‘labs separate’ mode when the dividers are closed. Each area is controlled by a separate ICS and act independent of each other. A sign displays the message “LABS SEPARATE”

During this mode the labs function independently.

Labs Joined Mode

When the dividers are open the master ICS takes control of the whole room, and the secondary area ICS cannot be armed. The labs now act as one room. A sign displays the message “LABS JOINED”

Arming the MASTER ICS will automatically arm all the SLAVE ICS. Disarming any of the ICS will automatically trip the whole system, therefore disabling the laser operation.

When one of the SLAVE ICS is in fault condition, it will indicate an expansion fault on the MASTER ICS, therefore not allowing the user to arm the system.

MULEX Selector

A large layout which can be split up into multiple smaller areas using laser-safe dividers. Each smaller area has its own interlock controller but when configured as one large room with the dividers open using Mode Selector Switch, it is controlled by the master interlock controller.

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