IS-MDC-12 Interlock® Switch

Dual Channel Interlock® Switch
Lasermet’s IS-MDC-12 is a dual channel coded magnetic door safety contact, which is used to detect when a door or other moveable cover forming part of a protective enclosure is open.
  • Achieve Performance Level ‘e’ as specified in BS EN 13849-1:2008
  • Small, sleek, and compact package
  • CE and UKCA marked
  • Small and compact – attractive design blends in with professional laboratories and high-tech facilities.
  • High performance and dependability. When properly wired to a suitable Interlock® controller, the IS-MDC-12 can achieve Performance Level ‘e’ as specified in BS EN 13849-1:2008.
  • Design with “coded” elements. i.e. The magnetic field is designed in such a way that a single magnet cannot easily defeat the switch.
  • The dual channel Interlock® switch is small in size, measuring only 67mm (2.64″) wide, 29.5mm (1.16″) tall, and 13.5mm (0.53″) deep.
  • Offset alignment tolerance is high.
  • Rear or top cable entry is concealed.
  • CE and UKCA requirements are met.

The IS-MDC-12 has three contacts, two of which are closed and one of which is open when the door is closed. When the door is open, all three contacts switch.

Contacts2NC / 1NO
Rating300mA Resistive Load 50V
Magnet CouplingCoded
Maximum RangeTypically 10mm
Safety PerformanceUp to EN 13849-1:2008 PL’e’
Operating Environment-5° to +45°C, 0 – 95% RH
Environmental ProtectionIP50
Switch Size67 X 29.5 X 13.5mm (2.64 X 1.16 X 0.53 inches)
Actuator Size67 X 29.5 X 13.5mm (2.64 X 1.16 X 0.53 inches)
Lead Length2m approx. (78.74 inches approx.)
Combined Weight85g approx. (0.19 lbs approx.)
Conforms to StandardsBS EN 1088:1995+A2:2008 Safety of machinery – Interlocks`BS EN 1088:1995+A2:2008 Safety of machinery – Interlocks
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