Wavelength Indicator for Eyewear

LED-WIFE Laser Wavelength Warning Sign
The WIFE is an automatic LED sign that shows which laser wavelengths are in use in the laboratory, so you can select the correct laser protective eyewear before entering.

The Wavelength Indicator For Eyewear (or W.I.F.E.) is designed by Lasermet specifically to indicate the wavelength of each laser in use in the laboratory or laser room. It works by monitoring each shutter and illuminates the relevant LED on the display depending on which shutter is open.

The unit is positioned so that personnel can select the correct laser safety eyewear to wear, (shown by the relevant illuminated LED), before entering the room.

The wavelength of the laser in use in the lab is shown, enabling those entering to put on the corresponding laser safety eyewear.

The WIFE can be connected to the respective laser shutters within the lab.

Alternatively the WIFE can be connected via the distribution box.

The provision of the WIFE system is to ensure personnel select the correct eyewear before entering the room as wearing the incorrect eyewear could put the wearer at risk.

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