Water-Cooled Beam Dump

Lasermet’s water-cooled beam dump uses a closed loop water supply system for absorbing laser beam energy.

Plug in the water tube connections and turn on the water pumps to get the system going.

The four water connectors on the BD-WC45 Beam Dump should be connected to a hose with a 12mm (1/2′′) diameter. Two water outlets and two water inlets are present. The distance to the reserve water tank (shown in the recommended setup in the image below) will determine the hose’s length. Apply a hex wrench or flathead screwdriver to the hose clamps to tighten and secure them. Verify that the hose clamps are securely fastened to prevent water leaks.

Link the water pumps immersed in the reserve water tank to the water inlet hoses. To finish the closed loop, insert the ends of the water outlet hoses into the reserve water tank.

Dimensions114 x 135 x 104 mm
(4.49 x 5.31 x 4.09 inch)
Weight2 kg
(4.41 lb)
Aperture Size45 mm
(1.77 inch)
MaterialAnodised Aluminium
Temperature15 – 25 °C
Pressure<60 psi
Pump Flow Rate>1000 LPH or >264 GPH
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