Slim Jim LED Sign

The Thin Profile Backlit LED Sign
The Slim Jim Signs from Lasermet make an ideal solution for warning signs. Slim Jim signs come in a compact sleek package and are easy to install, being compatible with standard conduit boxes.
  • High quality smart appearance
  • Only 11mm (0.43 inch) thick
  • 230V AC or 110V AC supply
  • Fits to conduit boxes
  • Contractor-friendly, cheaper and faster installation

The Lasermet thin profile backlit LED sign is called Slim Jim. This incredibly thin LED sign, which is about 11 mm (0.43 inch) thick, requires neither a power supply nor a transformer because it operates directly off of 230 VAC mains power.

It is simple and quick for contractors to install because it fits neatly onto standard conduit boxes, as well as single and double socket back boxes for mains power in the US, Europe, and the UK.

Exploded view of Slim Jim LED Sign
Overall Dimensions355 x 105 x 11 mm
(13.98 x 4.13 x 0.43 inch)
Sign Dimensions275 x 58 mm
(10.83 x 2.28 inch)
Supply230VAC at 40mA
110VAC at 80mA

• Slim Jim LED Signs are available with text/graphics in a single color
– either Red or Yellow or Blue. They are all powered by mains 230 VAC.

• There is an option to have the surround in stainless steel instead of the standard
white powder-coated finish.

• For custom wording/graphics there is an artwork origination charge.

Part NumberDescription (Sign)Colours Available
LEDS-SJ-110Without Overlay (CUSTOMIZABLE) red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-BHBiohazard red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-DNEDo Not Enter red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-IRIonizing Radiation red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-IUIn Use red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-LIULab In Use red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R-LASLaser In Use red
LEDS-SJ-110-R-ONLaser On red
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-LRLaser Radiation red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-NENo Entry red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-OCOccupied red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-RIURoom in Use red yellow
LEDS-SJ-110-R/Y-XRX-Ray Radiation red yellow
Part Numbers may vary depending on the chosen color.
Part NumberDescription (Sign)Colours Available
LEDS-SJ-B/R/YWithout Overlay (CUSTOMIZABLE) blue red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-BHBiohazard red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-DNEDo Not Enter red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R-DNE-G`Zutritt Verboten` (German) red
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-NENo Entry red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-IRIonizing Radiation red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-IUIn use red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-LIULab In Use red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R-LASLaser In Use red
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-LOLaser ON red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-ONLaser ON red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-LRLaser Radiation red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R-LR-GLaser Radiation (German) red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-OCOccupied red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R-QRIUQuiet Room in Use red
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-RIURoom In Use red yellow
LEDS-SJ-R-RIU-JRoom In Use (Japan) red
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-XRX-Ray Radiation red
LEDS-SJ-R/Y-XR-GX-Ray Radiation (German) red yellow
LEDS-SJ-SS-B/R/YST/STL, No Overlay (CUSTOMIZABLE) blue red yellow
LEDS-SJ-SS-R-RIUST/STL, Room in Use red
LEDS-SJ-SS-Y-LOST/STL, Laser On yellow
Part Numbers may vary depending on the chosen color.
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