Optical Table Laser Guarding
Optoblok, the Optical Table Laser Guarding System, is designed specifically to reduce the risk of stray laser beams being inadvertently directed at personnel in the laser optics laboratory.
Lasermet and NPL have produced this joint venture product as the latest safety equipment for use in optical laboratories.
  • Modular design
  • Compatible with standard optical tables
  • Comes with Optoblok Designer software
  • Simple to install and understand

This Optoblok Optical Table Laser Guarding modular system is designed to fit neatly on optical tables and provides a 300mm (11.81 in) high wall. The system consists of laser-blocking walled panels, posts (to screw into the table), and channel posts that are either straight or right-angled to connect the wall panels.

Because of the modular design, areas of the table can be sectioned off in small laser guarding enclosures. The posts and wall panels are also simple to move, allowing users to change the layout as needed.

Cables are routed through labyrinths formed by overlapping Optoblok wall panels.


The modular system is easily assembled by screwing the posts into the table, then slotting the straight or corner channel posts over the round posts, then simply positioning the wall panels. Once the panels are in place, a retaining screw and washer on top of the post can be used to secure them.

Panel sections are available in optical table unit lengths of 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, and 16, allowing you to minimize and optimize the quantity needed.

The above example shows the provision of a labyrinth system enabling a cable entry at the bottom of the diagram

The system is compatible with both metric and imperial optical tables and uses metric or imperial screw threads and spacing, making it a truly global product that serves both the US and European markets.


The 300mm (11.81 in) high wall around the table’s perimeter maximizes the opportunity for safe working while also allowing virtually unlimited access to the table and its components.

The possibility of an engineer’s hand or arm accidentally interfering with the laser beam is reduced because access to the table now requires a deliberate action.


One of the primary advantages of Optoblok is that it offers a safe, adaptable, and simple laser blocking walled system that allows cable entries to be made and then easily changed for the next set-up. It can easily handle large diameter control cables, for example.

These are easily accommodated within the Optoblok system because there are three recommended options to choose from as recommended by the Optoblok designer aid software, which is freely available to potential customers to design and specify Optoblok to their specifications. The three labyrinth options are for making small, medium, and large cable entry ways with the fewest number of components.

In the designer software, a labyrinth system is proposed to provide the optimal (usually the smallest) number of components to allow the cabling to enter the table, maximizing the curvature radius of the cables while minimizing the entry gap to eliminate any line-of-sight route that a laser beam could use. This ensures that there is no laser beam exit point in line of sight up to a height of 300mm (11.81 in).


The Optical Table Guarding Designer software from Lasermet is a parts list compiler that allows customers to specify the Optoblok system they need without sacrificing safety. This program is simple to use and lists all of the components for containment, including the ability to specify the number and size of access cable gateways while preventing line of sight corridors and thus preventing laser light escape.

All you need to do is determine the overall dimensions of the four-sided Optoblok laser guarding system and the number and size of cable entry points required for each wall. The program will then display a list of the straight and right angled posts, as well as the wall panels you require, along with their sizes.


The Optoblok system carries CE and UKCA marking.

4 mm²30 MW/m²17 MW/m²
2000 mm²1.4 MW/m²0.8 MW/m²
16 space panels00764-03-016
12 space panels00764-03-012
8 space panels00764-03-008
5 space panels00764-03-005
4 space panels00764-03-004
3 space panels00764-03-003
2 space panels00764-03-002
Straight Channel Posts00754-03-306
Corner Channel Posts00755-03-306
Round Support Posts, M600756-03-305
Round Support Posts, UNC00842-03-305
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