Swallow 4000

Filtered Fume Extraction System for Lasers
The Swallow is an air cleaner designed for the removal of particulates and gaseous contaminants and is typically suspended above the laser process workspace.

It is especially made for uses where direct source capture might be challenging, like laser welding, where there are high concentrations of load particles. Another optional stage of filtration to control gases and odors is laser fume absorbent canisters.

Depending on the laser process, the user can choose from a range of particulate or gaseous/chemical filtration stages on the 4000cfm unit (6800m³/hr) that accepts multiple stages of air filtration.

  • Full size air intake draws contaminants and recirculates filtered air
  • Internal air filters are sealed with full gaskets
  • Filter options include: pre-filtration, a secondary filter, HEPA or absorbent filters
  • 4000cfm (6800m³’hr) unit
  • Directional louvers adjustable for returned air
  • LED indicators for filter pressure drop and unit operation.
  • Service door provides access to all components
  • Power options: 120VAC-1Ph, 230VAC-3Ph,480VAC-3Ph
Part NumberFES-SW-4000
Rated airflow4000 cfm
(6800 m3/hr)
Air changes per hour for 140m3 cabin50
Final filterHEPA or Absorbent filter
Sound Level at 5ft perimeter73 dB
Operating Weight227 kg
(500.44 lbs)
Dimensions1.4 x 0.8 x 1.9 m
(55.11 x 31.50 x 74.80 inch)
Voltage120VAC 1-Ph
230VAC 3-Ph
480VAC 3-Ph
Power Consumption1030 W
Throw (distance at 100fpm)30.5 m
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